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Why Mineral Wool or Glass wool Is The Best Option For Most Common Insulation needs?


Acoustic Performance


Fire Safety


Bacteria & Germ-Free


Moisture Resistant




Ease of Installation

Thermal Performance

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Different Types of Fiber Glass Wool Insulation For Different Needs

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Resin Bonded Glass wool

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Glass wool Rolls

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Glass wool Blanket

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Glass wool Insulation Roll

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Glass wool Sheet/Slabs

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Glass wool with Aluminium Foil


Cavity Wall Insulation
Under-deck Insulation
Drywall insulation
False Ceiling
Internal wall linings
HVAC ducting
Office & Conference Rooms
Cinema,Auditorium & Studios

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Do you know

These 6 factors will influence the selection of Glass Wool Insulation Material

  1. Internal Sounds
  2. Type of look and aesthetics desired
  3. Humidity Status
  1. Air Conditioning or Cooling
  2. Ventilation
  3. Use of space

Glass Wool Vs Rockwool

1 Resource Glass wool is made from a mixture of natural and recycled glass Rockwool is made of Volcanic rock which is an abundant resource
2 Fire Resistant Non-Combustible Non-Combustible. High-density rock wool is the ideal solution.
3 Compressive Strength Glass wool is made from a mixture of natural and recycled glass than Rock wool Great compressive strength. Can be made up to 200kg in density
4 Thermal Performance More versatile, cost-effective at lower weights The material is 10% thicker to give the same performance
5 Acoustic Performance Good acoustic performance Decent acoustic performance
6 Hygroscopic The lighter the density, the easier it is for the water to penetrate. Water-Resistant


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