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There are many different materials of ceiling tiles available for false ceiling designs and patterns. On the contrary, the requirements of interior space are always prioritized. Then subsequently you can select the right type of material in tiles as preferably advised by our acoustical ceiling contractors. The ceiling tiles are made out of many different materials, including gypsum, PVC, mineral fiber, calcium silicate, Glass wool, Rockwool, and metal ceiling tiles.

Unidus is a 37-year-old false ceiling tiles manufacturer and supplier. We’ve truly received recognition from architects and other interior designers on the basis of our premium quality and fast delivery. Similarly, being a wholesale tiles distributor, we are able to serve dealers across north and northeast India. Indeed our customers get the latest materials and we approach the most widespread branded tiles of the Ecophon ceiling.

We use the world’s first ceiling assessment and selection system, the GECAS SYSTEM.

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Complete false ceiling range for every essential.

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Cement Fiber ceiling

Metal ceiling

Calcium Silicate ceiling

Glass wool ceiling

Gypsum Board Ceiling

PVC Ceiling

Grid Ceiling

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8 ceiling characteristics no one told you!

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Fire Safety

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Aesthetic Appeal

Ease of Installation

Benefits Of Modular False Ceiling Tiles

Unidus Ceilings: Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Selecting & Installing False Ceiling (In Hindi)

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5 False Ceiling tips from Acoustical Ceiling Installers.

  1. First, choose the right materials for the ceiling. Each type of tile comes with its own special benefits and advantages.
  2. Then acoustical ceiling installers make accurate projections of the space.
  3. Always get in touch with the well-known branded material of tiles, for instance, the Ecophon ceiling.
  4. False ceiling reflections can reduce the need for lighting. 
  5. Too many rooms can suffer from a lack of natural lighting. Once your new room false ceiling is installed, make sure that you have plenty of light in that room. 

False ceiling FAQ

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Which type of false ceiling is best?

The new false ceiling design can be any or in every shape, as per your requirements and that includes rectangular, square, regular shape and other ceiling tiles design. Whatever types of false ceiling materials you choose for your space, it will surely brighten up the interiors. And will also make it look quite attractive and appealing to others who visit your house or office. Different materials help make a beautiful false ceiling and have become the focal point attraction. Gypsum ceiling tiles, Acoustic ceiling tiles, Metal ceiling tiles, PVC Ceiling tiles, False ceiling wooden are best types of false ceiling materials.

Is false ceiling good or bad?

Nowadays, people mostly prefer False Ceiling as one of the significant components of the interior space. Choosing beautiful, elegant, fancy and classy types of false ceiling materials of options which are available. People are now using modular false ceiling kinds of designs in residential, commercial and other interior areas of space.

How much does false ceiling cost?

The false ceiling price in India entirely depends on ceiling tiles design types and patterns. Before one decides on the false ceiling, one needs to understand the purpose of putting it, such as Interior decoration, sound insulation, concealing of wiring, piping, and equipment in the ceiling. The estimate depends on what false ceiling material cost that you use. Also, how decorative you need the ceiling to be and the labour charges. The area to be covered also plays a major role. If you are hiring workmen to do the work then, what are their charges? There are a lot of other factors that exist as well, so get in touch to get quotes now.

Does false ceiling reduce noise?

Acoustic false ceiling panels prevent the outside noise from entering in the room. As they are good with soundproofing qualities that make the inside space quieten. For an office environment, the design revolves around good acoustics and efficient air conditioning. To this effect, Acoustic ceiling tiles are favourable. Similarly soundproofing surrounding noise to provide the best possible ambiance to restaurants, office spaces, classrooms, auditoriums, home theaters, and studios. By using specific materials such as rock wool, glass wool insulation, fiber glass wool, acoustic ceiling panels, and other soundproofing ceiling options. So, change the environment of a room to solve complex acoustical problems. And during this entire process the entire architectural design and function of the building will remain un-compromised.

What are the types of false ceiling?

Gypsum ceiling tiles Gypsum has become a preferred choice for ceiling as it is lightweight, fire-resistant, sound-insulated, and easy on the pocket. With an iron framework to support, one can hang gypsum ceiling tiles in any pattern to conceal lights and hide electrical cables and pipelines. Best for: false ceiling design for bedroom indian, home false ceiling, including living rooms, bedrooms and open-kitchen. Acoustic ceiling tiles For an office environment, the design revolves around good acoustics and efficient air conditioning. To this effect, Acoustic ceiling tiles are favourable. Best for: office false ceiling. Metal ceiling tiles It can be a visual treat when Metal ceiling tiles are used as a false ceiling. In large showrooms and office spaces, Metal false ceilings are high in demand. The installation process is easy and they are budget-friendly. Best for: Industries, hospitals and schools metal grid ceiling. PVC Ceiling tiles PVC false ceiling materials (Polyvinyl Chloride) is still the material of dominance when it comes to designing the ceiling. This versatile material suits modern homes the best where warm cove lighting brightens the house. Use PVC false ceiling materials along with another false ceiling material like wood or glass for an unmatched, contemporary appeal. Best for: false ceiling designs for living room India. False ceiling wooden Some homes want to reflect through their interiors the natural beauty and serenity outside of their four walls. This is best achieved with false ceiling wooden beams that give the house a warm, rustic look. Best for: bedroom false ceiling, false ceiling design for bedroom indian.

Throughout our 37 years of experience in the industry. We have evolved several proprietary technological tools. Meanwhile, that helps to decide the right type of false ceiling which should be used in your space. The system takes care of 27 parameters that include weather conditions like changes in the environment. Also, energy resource consumption, aesthetics, light reflectance, sound insulation maintenance, and many such parameters.

Subsequently, it reflects in making your decision both intelligent and economical.

With the use of this system, we are able to provide a guarantee of 10 years on your ceiling installation and trouble-free ownership.

Discuss your requirement with acoustical ceiling contractors and a FREE site analysis worth Rs. 2500/-
(powered by the Assessment Tool)


  • Unidus is a firm headed by highly skilled professionals and collaboration with popular brands like Ecophon ceiling and more.
  • It was set up in 1981 to provide complete solutions in the field of residential and commercial interiors.
  • We provide the best solutions as per our customers’ expectations.
  • We have well-experienced and highly skilled acoustical ceiling installers to fulfill all your requirements.
  • Acoustical ceiling contractors are creative professionals who use their artistic sense to determine how to set up an interior space.
  • They are involved with the art side of the false ceiling design, and more with the science.
  • Unidus is a manufacturing firm based in North India ( New Delhi, Punjab, & Assam ).
  • We have sufficient professionally trained acoustical ceiling contractors.
  • All acoustical ceiling installers are concerned with the aesthetics of the building, including color schemes, furniture, and artwork.
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